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Vegetable, Mushroom soups

Historical facts about soup

  • One of the firs soup was made about 6.000 BC
  • Soup as a meal in its current sense, formed no more than 400-500 years ago,
    with the the advent of a solid, unoxidizable and chemically neutral cookware, which allows to carry out the cooking process
  • The word "soup" comes from French soupe,
    which comes form latin word suppa ("bread soaked in stock")
  • Today in the world has about 150 types of soups, which are divided into more than a thousand species,
    each species of soup may have several options
  • Historically, soup was meal of rider  human

A bit more about  soup

Vegetable and mushrooms soups is very healthy food,
because in vegetables contained
a lots of vitamins,proteins and minerals.
Vegetables and mushrooms also low in calories.
Tomato,carrot, potato are a good source of vitamins C, A and K.

Ingredients used - Vegetable, Mushroom soups
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