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Poultry, Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Goose meal

Table of poultry calories

per 100 grams:

    *  Goose  -        364
    *  Turkey  -        197
    *  Chickens -    165
    *  Chicks  -       156
    *  Ducks -          346

A bit more about poultry

Poultry like chicken, duck, turkey, goose at all times, for nations considered healthy and tasty food.
And felt so, incidentally because poultry meat has high nutritional value.
Besides poultry meat is low calorie and low fat, especially duck and goose.
Age for chicken, turkey and goose is particularly important, as the old poultry can be quite fatty.
Without regard to age-related changes can not properly cook poultry meat,
as the recipes of old chicken, turkey, goose and duck is different from old poultry.
Age of chickens and other poultry is determined by the color of the skin and legs.
The young poultry - white, delicate skin, which clearly (especially under the wings) visible veins.
You can also determine the age of chisken, goose, turkey and duck as the tip of the sternum:
the old poultry it stiff and almost does not bend, and the young poultry - is elastic and flexible....
Meals from goose, ducks, turkeys require particularly thorough cooking and significant expenses of work and time,
so they are prepared less often than food from the chicken and chicks.
Goose and duck not suitable for cooking stock.

Ingredients used - Poultry, Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Goose meal
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