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Pizza doughs

Historical facts about pizza

  • Pizza prototype existed of ancient Greeks and Romans cuisine,
    as a serve to the table some of the dishes on a slice of bread
  • In regard with the import tomatoes in Europe in 1522 in Naples, appeared prototype of Italian pizza
  • In the XVII century, appeared special people «pizzaiolo», were preparing a pizza to the Italian peasants
  • in honor of Margaret of Savoy (wife of Italian King Humberto I), was named Margarita pizza
  • In the USA pizza came at the end of the second half of XIX century
  • In 1957, appeared semi-pizza

A bit more about pizza

In the 20th century, pizza has become an international food with widely varying toppings
Pizza is getting increasingly popular as a fast food.The largest pizza was at the
Norwood hypermarket in Johannesburg, South Africa.According to the Guinness Book of
Records, the pizza dough was 37.4 meters (122 feet 8 inches)in diameter.Pizza dough
was made using 500 kg of flour, 800 kg of cheese and 900 kg of tomato puree.
The most expensive pizza was sold at auction for charity for 2,150 pounds.
English muffin and French bread pizza and pizza bagels are common convenience
pizzas made at home in an oven or toaster, usually with a simple topping
of tomato sauce, sliced or grated cheese, and perhaps pepperoni.
French bread pizza is sometimes available  as a frozen meal.

Ingredients used - Pizza doughs
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