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Lamb, Yeanling, Mutton meal

Meanings of parts:

Loin-the ribs between the two Lamb chops are cut from the rib,shoulder areas and loin.
Leg of lamb-Leg and saddle are almost always  roasted, but   sometimes  legs are boiled.
Forequarter meat of sheep- includes more connective tissue than some other cuts, and,
if not from a young lamb, is best cooked slowly using either a moist method, such like stewing.
Lamb shank-is cut of meat, which go from the upper part of the leg.

A bit more about Lamb, Yeanling, Mutton:

From lamb, yeanling and mutton ,you can prepare a lot of variations of dishes.
The lamb meat is taken from the animal between one month and one year old,with
a carcase weight of between 5 and 30 kilograms. This meat generally is more tender
than that from older sheep and appears more often on tables in some Western countries.
Mutton have a stronger flavour than lamb because of higher concentration of fatty acids and are
preferred by some Mutton and hogget also tend to be tougher than lamb and it's better suited for stewing
Lamb usually separated for three kinds of meat: it's- loin,hindquarter and forequarter.


Ingredients used - Lamb, Yeanling, Mutton meal
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