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Siam Sunrays

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Author of recipe cocktail Siam Sunrays - the winner of bartenders 2008 Surasak Phanthaysong.

Mix and crush the chili, ginger, lime and lemon herbs.
Add syrup, lime juice, vodka, Shake well.
Carefully pour into a glass with ice,
add soda and garnish with chili, lemon herbs and lime slice.

Want to try the taste of Thailand - drink Siam Sunrays cocktail.


To prepare Siam Sunrays use:
ginger pieces - 3 Item
ice cube - 5 Item
lime juice - 5 g
lime leaves - 1 Item
lime syrup - 15 ml
red chillies - 1 Item
soda water - 1 Item
vodka - 30 ml
coconut liqueur
ginger pieces
ice cube
lime juice
lime leaves
lime syrup
red chillies
soda water

Prepare Siam Sunrays

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Siam Sunrays
Siam Sunrays
Siam Sunrays

Comments Siam Sunrays

#1: Nik, 09.03.2011
I have just come back from Thailand, had this delicious cocktail served in grand style, this is the honestly, the nicest cocktail I have ever had the fortune to see, and they are many, believe me! I have come back to home and made this cocktail with what we have here – ALL the ingredients, and it works. I think it’s brilliant what they have introduced Siam Sunrays!
#2: 12.11.2011
I truly find this a interesting subject. Never looked at this subject in this manner. If you are planning to create more articles relating to this subject, I definitely will be back in the near future!
#3: 03.05.2013
These drinks I had in Thailand a few months ago were the best cocktails I have ever tasted. Complex and refreshing. I have to try it at home. I have read that the Thai Tourism Authority named them Siam Sunrays but I ordered it as a Tom Yam Cocktail or Martini, since the ingredients were inspired from that famous and delicious Thai Soup.

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