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Beef, Steak meal

Types of cooking beef steak

  • Raw — Uncooked
  • Blue rare or very rare — beef steak warmed to 40-45C and quickly "closed " on the grill, raw but not cold
  • Rare (with blood) - underdone Red beef (cook - 200 degrees, 2-3 minutes), grilled outside, red inside,
    core temperature - 50c
  • Medium rare - steak will have a fully red and warm center (cook 190-200 degrees for 4-5 minutes),
    core temperature - 55c
  • Medium - the middle of the steak is hot and red with pink surrounding the center. The outside is grey-brown (cook - 180 degrees, 6-7 minutes),
    core temperature - 60c
  • Medium well done - the beef is slightly pink in the center (cook - 180 degrees, 8-9 minutes),
    core temperature - 65c
  • Well done - beef is grey-brown and slightly charred (cook - 180 degrees, 10-12 minutes),
    core temperature - 70c
  • Overcook - beef is dark throughout and slightly bitter

How choose steak

Very often we buy the beef, throw it into the pan,
in the hope that it will just be what we represent,
but the result is a rubber steak or charred chops.
Professionals say what nice steak depend of beef quality.
Not all beef is suitable.
Lean beef not  delicate for steak.
Beef fat should be white, if fat yellow, beef is old.
If muscle fibers dense and thick, then steak will turn solid.
The beef should be dark red.

Ingredients used - Beef, Steak meal
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