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The basis of Chinese National food are dishes from a variety of products:cereals, flour, vegetables, meat, fish algae and poultry.
The National  Cuban recipes are striking in their originality and diversity.The most important  food is  rice, pork and  chicken.
France French Recipes (France)
Looking for French recipes? Here you are. Best French recipes with recipe reviews, cooking tips and recipe ratings.
Germany German Recipes (Germany)
German kitchen is delicious and varied. Its diversity and traditional dishes depend from area of the country.
Greece is just a paradise for lovers of delicious food and the first ever recipe appeared exactly in Greece National kitchen.
The typical Hungarian National cuisine dishes cooked usually with red milled paprika, onions, tomatoes and green sweet pepper.
Popular worldwide curry spice mix - is the pride of Indian food.
Looking for Italian recipes? Are you pizza-man/woman? Italian recipes art here with recipe reviews, cooking tips and recipe ratings
Mexico Mexican Recipes (Mexico)
Mexican cuisine is rich in spices and sauces. One of the major parts of Mexican kitchen are salsas.
Moldova Moldovan Cuisine (Moldova)
Puerto Rico Puerto Rican Recipes (Puerto Rico)
Russian cuisine has long enjoyed wide popularity around the World.Try variety of Russian National food!
Singapore Singapore kitchen (Singapore)
South Africa South African Recipes (South Africa)
South African cuisine combines historic traditions and the latest trends in cooking.Country  rich of pineapples, citrus fruits, bananas.
Spanish food restaurants offer the most popular National  cuisine dishes of fruits, vegetables, rice, seafood, meat, cereals and herbs.
The richness and variety of delicious recipes from Thailand take one of the first places in the world.
United Kingdom English National Recipes (United Kingdom)
We present a diverse set of recipes from England, the recipes have been tested for millennia and are very well-proven.
United States (USA) United States Recipes (United States (USA))
The National cuisine of United States is different of high in calories and simplicity of their preparation.

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